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The story is an old fashioned tale of good versus evil that will keep the reader gripped. We take them into the secret Kingdom of Puli hidden above the clouds open the book and be transported to a far away kingdom.

The overriding   goal for this project was to create something that would bring families together, allow them to spend quality time as a group and learn plenty about friendship and honour along the way.

We wanted to do this in an old traditional style; to be a story from that magical bygone era that is mostly a distant memory in the literary world. It took one year of knuckle-grinding work.

Our beloved late Jimmy, a Hungarian Puli, is the entire reason this project was conceived. He was a maverick to say the very least and daily proof that good things in the world always triumph over the bad. We can’t bring him back, but his memory and influence is enough to live on and change the lives of children around the world.

For Karen the book’s journey has brought with it a unique kind of therapy. She had become much closer to her husband, David they have grown as people in this period, living a new life where they are constantly coming up with fantastical new stories David is a retired electrician and Karen is just an ordinary housewife, they had a dream of writing a story that the whole family can enjoy together. They co-wrote the book over a one year period.

Karen suffers with Lupus, a crippling illness for which there is no known cure. Being able to put her heart and soul into this book has allowed her to forget about the illness when it hurts the most.

Karen and David have had many laughs creating all the different characters in the book giving them their own personality and humour. 


Inspiration For Our   Book



We got Jimmy in 2008 he had been brought back by two previous owners. We loved him at first sight, we were told that he was difficult,but we did not care. When we got him home he turned out to be the most gentle loving boy. It was not him that was difficult, it was just two bad owners!

Where ever we went people just loved him.  

  Children use to approach us  in the Park when we were walking our Hungarian Puli (Called Jimmy) They wanted to know why he looked like a Woolly Sheep  we told them he had Magical Fur and he was from the Kingdom of Puli high up in the Clouds. We began making up Stories about him and before long we had croweds of Children gathering round us to hear all the Magical adventures of (Jimmy) and the Pulies. So we decided to write these wonderful stories down so that all Children could have the opportunity to enjoy them. That’s how our Book The Kingdom of Puli was born!. This is dedicated to his memory,rest in peace our Baby Boy!





Hatfield couple’s literary success inspired by departed pet

PUBLISHED: 09:55 24 March 2017 | UPDATED: 11:25 24 March 2017


A children’s fantasy book inspired by a Hatfield couple’s much-lamented dog has been stocked by major retail chains and is selling well.

Amazon had just made a second order for The Kingdom of Puli, and Waterstone’s has told authors Karen and David Levy it is popular with customers.

The Sovereign Place couple wrote the book over several years, drawing inspiration from their Hungarian puli dog, Jimmy , who died about a year ago.

Karen, 53, told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “David puts in all the swashbuckling and fighting, but I put in the humour. David did a lot of research, but I did all the drawings.”

Whenever they took Jimmy, a rescue dog from the RSPCA at Ridge, to local parks, they found children were fascinated by his woolly coat.

Karen said: “They would say he looked like a cloud, or like a sheep on a lead.”

In the fantasy world they have created, supernatural puli dogs live in the clouds, but in their book, a spell condemns one to live on earth as a normal dog.

The book spans several generations and historical periods, incorporating Florence Nightingale, Robin Hood and late Georgian times.

First published by Austin Macauley in January, it is currently stocked by WH Smith, Foyles, Waterstones and Amazon.

The Levys have given readings, helped by Karen’s hand-made puppets, at several Welwyn Hatfield primary schools and day centres for people with learning disabilities, always with an enthusiastic response.

David, 58, has retired from his career as an electrician to concentrate on the books.

Karen, who suffers from the autoimmune disease lupus, said: “Children love it. I did about half the drawings in hospital. It has been good therapy, and it has brought us closer together.”

Their second book, a form of prequel set in Ming Dynasty China, will be published later this year under the title the Book of Origins.Top of Form



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